Join Rachel O’Connor from Wild Wake for ‘Reveal Your Radiance’ on Sunday 1st March from 10-30-12.30pm @ our Woden Studio – Tickets here! 

The beginning of 2020 has sent many of us into a spin as we were confronted with one crisis after the next… from fires to floods the oceans have been churning and from the depths of our inner spring the beauty of this next season is ready to rise …

Join Rachel as she shares the Radiance of Rasa Yoga and take time out to Reconnect, Receive and Release your inner soul glow so you can Reveal Your Radiance and awaken to the abundance of love within and between.

Lakshmi is the Goddess of Love and we will explore and experience her abundant energy as we embody her blessing energy through movement, mudras, mantras and meditation.

If you have a love of yoga and are looking to share and shine your beauty this Autumn, Reveal Your Radiance is for you!

“Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha”


What is the Breath Journey? Join Phil Morey at PYC on 8th March and find out. Phil explains a little about the event below…

Tickets here!

Put simply, it’s a safe and natural tool for feeling high, energetic, joyful, clear and relaxed. This technique envelopes all modalities and influences people in all walks of life, simply because it is done with the most simple and basic tool we all have: breath.

Modern Breathwork is based on a very simple, circular breathing technique which plugs you in, until you’re vibrating with so much energy that the release of the breath, and your surrender to it, brings you to states of extreme bliss, clarity and downright fun.

Freeing your breathing mechanism through this simple, yet dynamic exercise brings physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological balance. I suppose the most common side effects are feelings of relief, freedom, love and clarity.

Sounds like it’s promising too much? Why not try it and see what learning to use your breath has to offer.

1. It feels like you’re plugged in

When you breathe in a circular way, ‘prana’ – or life energy – builds up in your body. This build up intensifies and the energy becomes like a surge rushing through your body, clearing out any points of accumulated tension and bringing a natural feeling of balance and harmony.

2. It keeps you excited and motivated

Once you learn how to use your breath in this way and you free yourself of all the accumulated blockages in your body and mind, the energy build up keeps taking you higher. LIFE energy starts to run through your blood, keeping you motivated to create and do. Your breath becomes your motivating force when you use it consciously. Breathing properly improves everything it is applied to.

3. It brings mental clarity

Breathwork is a deep state of awareness. An alternate state. When you focus on your breath and give yourself space and time, epiphanies about your deepest memories and thoughts change at a cellular level. A new form of clarity and freedom enters your consciousness, maximising your intuition levels and creating flow in both working and personal environments. In other words, you yourself sort your mind out in the most clear and beautiful way.

4. It connects you to spiritual states

It promises to elongate states of no mind or “mindfulness”. It keeps you in the space between your thoughts, without effort, for much longer.

5. It’s fun

Breathwork has a relieving nature. It adds a new dimension of joy and energy to your life so it becomes fun, light and easy – the way it’s meant to be.

About Phil Morey
Philip Morey has led over 100 group Breath Journeys over a decade, co-facilitated Breath retreats for over five years and is always deeply humbled by the sudden transformations that occur during The Breath Journey.
His spiritual path began after being beset by panic attacks and anxiety when he was in his early 20’s. First attempts were made to control these using mindfulness meditation. He found it was a fair technique for reducing his levels of anxiety and nervous energy but he came to realise that mindfulness cannot really dig down far enough to deep underlying patterns which are beyond your life story. Some of these roots of disturbance go right down to before birth, into ancestral and past life material.
After studying extensively with Deva Daricha at the Centre For Human Transformation in Melbourne, Australia for a decade, he came to a much more solid and grounded place in himself. His teaching came from a teacher who was fully conversant in philosophy, comparative religion, scientific research and Australian indigenous spiritual traditions.
Phil now has a thriving retreat business in Australia.