Tabata – NEW! Our Tabata class is a high intensity, interval style training classs that offers you the perfect opportunity to reap the benefit of changes that BOOST your metabolism. 20 seconds ‘ON’ 10 seconds ‘OFF’ exercise intervals challenge not only your aerobic but anerobic capacity – lifting your heart rate and demanding more from your body’s systems, providing respiration, circulation and capacity for strength. Our point of difference is that we pair our Tabata classes with mindfulness and the element of heat. Offering you a chance to commit to conscious movement and a quickened detox – we SWEAT, even in Winter! This is a breath fuelled, body/mind/heart connection delivered in 35 mins to make you feel alive.

Tabata Flow & Release – NEW! Combined with the benefits of Tabata listed above, we combine intelligent and interesting yoga sequences that flow and roll and release methods (using tennis balls, blocks and straps) that rinse your tighter zones free of congestion! The class ratio is 40% Tabata, 40% Yoga and 20% roll/release/ stretch. Mindfulness is a key factor here, and is highlighted often throughout the class. Come and try this amazing combination of the best movement methods to strengthen and free your body and spirit! 60 mins in length.

Form – NEW! Form is an alignment based class that uses intelligent and progressive sequencing with each class working towards a peak pose. There is an attention to refining alignment and embodying tantric philosophy. Every class is underpinned with philosophy and may also include practices such as pranayama, meditation, contemplation, bandhas, mudras and mantra. Suitable for those who want to want to evolve and expand their yoga practice. 75 mins in length. *Music may be used

Flow: Our FLOW classes are a dynamic experience. Invigorating, detoxing, and powerful – these breath infused classes encourage you to challenge yourself – leaving you feeling confident and strong. Suitable for all experience levels, many options are available for those building strength or wishing to elevate their practice. The choice of 60, and 75 minute practices allow you to practice for a time period that suits your schedule. Heated to 30 degrees unless class specifically marked ambient. *Music may be used in savasana

Focus: Our FOCUS classes use intelligent yoga sequencing to allow you to learn more about yoga asana (postures) and more about yourself! A moderately paced experience, that flows to breath, these classes educate, transform, and build strength and flexibility in your yoga practice. FOCUS classes boost your physical capacity as well as your yoga knowledge. These classes are infused with philosophy that is impactful and relevant to our modern day challenges – yet based in ancient teachings. Options and modifications are available whether your focus is to challenge or take it slower. The choice of  60, 75 and 90 minute practices give you the flexibility to choose a class that suits your availability. Heated to 30 degrees unless class specifically marked ambient *Music may be used in savasana

Yin: Our YIN classes are floor based, maximising the use of gravity to allow for deeper stretching, held in a relaxed, mindful state. Yin Yoga asanas (postures) are held for a longer period of time to allow for a response from the body’s fascia (connective tissue) that creates a more comfortable body and increased range of movement. These classes are highly beneficial for everyone – be it the elite sportsperson, gym junkie, desk jockey, or couch potato! Modifications are provided for those that may need them. The choice of 60 and 75 minute practices allow you to embrace a practice that suits your lifestyle. Classes are at room temp in Summer, and Ambient in Winter. *Music may be used

Unwind: Our UNWIND class is the perfect opportunity to work through some gentle movement, followed by some floor based Yin poses to ultimately let your body melt into the floor as we end in a deeply relaxing savasana. The initial phases of gentle movement give your body a chance to shift from restlessness and anxiety before releasing into a place of peace and stillness. You will feel UNWIND restore your sense of inner balance. The choice of 60, and 75 minute classes will allow you the opportunity to indulge. Classes are at room temp in Summer, and Ambient in Winter. *Music may be used

Fundamentals: This NEW class offers you the chance to understand how YOUR body needs to move and stabilize within the yoga asana. Often we misunderstand the point when doing our yoga practice, trying to fit our bodies into asana in a way we think is ‘doing the pose right’
This can disturb our breath, create more tension, and at worst leave us prone to injury. A great class for EXPERIENCED students to re-engage with their practice and invite a deeper understanding of yoga – and for BEGINNERS to get a great grounding in the essentials to help them grow!
This class will be assisted with hands on adjustments to enhance your experience.60 minute class, with the room at 25 degrees. *Music may be used