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Rachel O’Connor

“I am grateful for the opportunity to assist others through yoga to calm their mind, strengthen their body and ignite their spirit both on and off the mat.”


My pathway into practicing and teaching yoga felt like an organic progression from a life- long love of health, fitness and wellbeing. I have always felt a calling to live and enhance health and wellbeing and this has taken me from my earliest studies at University in Nutrition to living and working in Indigenous health with Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory for 10 years.  My journey through my own practices and learnings has evolved as I have.


My true belief is that yoga is for anyone and everyone, and I feel I am a testament to that.  I was once the student in a gym class that would leave just before the stretches began, I was too busy to lie around stretching!  Yet my first pregnancy and becoming a Mum at the same time my Mum was diagnosed with cancer taught me the importance of becoming a peaceful and patient parent. This led me to explore further studies in fitness, nutrition, holistic living and coaching and begin my own health, fitness and wellbeing business while living on a remote island in the Gulf of Carpentria.  This taught me that when you have vision and passion you can create your dreams anywhere!


Following the death of my Mum I returned home to Canberra and redirected my focus as I reset my foundations as a single Mum and my career in Indigenous Affairs blossomed.  Yet the fast illness and death of my Dad helped me to see the light… That in order to keep going, to balance being a Mum with a fast paced career in Parliament House, I needed to teach yoga! I was drawn to the teachings offered through Power Living and learnt from Duncan Peak and the crew at Bondi Beach the foundations of teaching yoga.  I have taught both privately and at In Sync in Griffith before coming home to Power Yoga.   


My passion is to find the sweet spot between strength and softness as I integrate yoga into all aspects of my life and share my love of yoga through teaching with those who join me both on and off the mat.