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Liz Wensing

“Come to your yoga mat to feel not to accomplish”

I started my yoga journey in 2013.  I started yoga because I loved moving my body.  Yoga was another way I could find relief from stiff muscles and habitual tension and tightness from stress and anxiety.  At the time, I was studying health promotion and exercise science at uni whilst working in the corporate sector. I was a bit naive when I first started out. I didn’t know much about yoga. Over the next 7 years yoga became a constant practice that I would turn to throughout various challenges and difficult times.

It was through showing up to the mat and simply moving my body through each pose that I could create space where I once felt stuck.  I could peel back the layers of protection that I had built around myself and appreciate my body and become aware of the mind and the noise it creates.

Yoga is gentle and encouraging, it shows you your edges and where you can soften and expand. It transforms your thinking slowly over time. It opens your heart, your mind and your body to your own potential that’s already within.  Yoga offers you a space to meet your true potential.  I genuinely believe in the healing powers of yoga and that’s why I love sharing this practice.