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Justine Janssen

“I translate movement and yoga to be a form of self therapy”

Having a background in classical ballet and competitive sport in my youth opened me up to the benefit that movement can bring. I found a strong connection for self therapy through the exertion, control and focus that dance required of me, as well as noticing how my competitive sporting pursuits became a cathartic release for the struggles I was experiencing as a teen.

After a few quiet years engaging in working life in a role involving conflict resolution and having a family, I gained my qualification as a personal trainer. This was the beginning of my passion for working with people who were motivated to instigate change. I ran my own business and had a dedicated client base whom I saw daily. In my own life, I was moving through a divorce, and after a very stressful 12 mth period, I was searching to instigate change myself. I found yoga…

I was soon assisting my teacher Duncan Peak on Power Living’s retreats and teacher trainings, while doing more training with Baron Baptiste, and Sarah Powers and Jo Phee – all powerful experiences for me personally.

During my very first class I remember feeling challenged on every level – physically, emotionally and mentally. And you know what? This hasn’t changed over the years. Whether through teaching, assisting or my own personal practice, I always find something there on the mat that challenges me and encourages me to grow. This is why I teach. Because I believe yoga and movement reveals my truth. It makes me question what I can achieve and the limiting self beliefs I have. It’s through this that I can understand my potential and lead others to do the same.

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