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Jenni Clearihan

“You are your own teacher”

After years of dabbling in different types of yoga but never really finding anything that stuck, I then came across Power Yoga. It only took a few classes and I knew I had found something special. Not only did I receive the physical benefits that I initially went to the classes for, I was leaving class feeling lighter both mentally and emotionally.
This lightness then seeped into my day to day life and I felt like a newer, fresher version of myself! I was discovering how to truly listen to what I needed, learning that being vulnerable was a strength not a weakness, learning to slow down, be present and how to make best use of my vital energy.
This passion for yoga I developed lead me to sign up for the first teacher training course run by Justine and Marcus at PYC.
I want to share the benefits of yoga with others through connecting on and off the mat. Yoga is much more than an asana practice but what we learn through asana is so meaningful and it can be projected in to all aspects of our lives.
I like to teach a strong class but always offer ways to modify so that every practice is driven by how you feel in the moment. You are your own teacher, I am simply here to guide you.