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Amanda Morley

"I teach yoga to honour the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your practice"

I was introduced to yoga through the practice of meditation in 2000. Over the years my practice has changed and evolved. This has influenced my teaching approach by looking at the whole person and placing an equal emphasis on the physical, mental and spiritual elements of the yoga practice.

I’ve has also trained across multiple health and wellness modalities including yoga, meditation, anatomy, functional movement, and massage. As an art historian and cultural heritage professional I love to bring an enormous amount of knowledge of the traditional philosophy, art and culture of India.

My teaching focuses on principles of alignment, while weaving philosophy, mythical stories and tales of the everyday. In my class you will deepen your awareness of your physical and subtle body anatomy, learn modifications to optimise your practice, embody philosophy and experience meditation and pranayama, all with a good dose of humour and a bit of a laugh!