Embody Wellbeing presents Lulu & Mischka in Canberra at PYC’s Woden Studio on both Sat 27th & 28th April! We welcome these two beautiful souls back into the community for a Chanting Concert on Sat 27th at 7-9pm as well as a voice workshop called ‘Voice your Freedom’ for 3 hours on Sun 28th April 10am-1pm.

Lulu & Mischka are musicians and inner peace facilitators that draw upon the ancient earth wisdoms from east and west, guiding people together to unite in sound and silence. Their offerings see them travel the globe for chanting concerts, workshops, festivals and retreats as well as receiving inspirations and teachings. Based in the Byron Bay area, Australia, life’s calling leads L&M on their mission to support the awakening of humanity.

A deep immersion into the union of souls through music. Lulu & Mischka create a pure and joyful space for deep connection within. Ancient mantras from India meet heart opening english lyrics; medicine prayers from North and South America wash through every cell and activate the inner wisdom.

Lulu’s pure and crystal clear vocals awaken and inspire listeners to share their voice and join the prayer into the heart of all. Ecstatic, meditative, blissful.

Be taken on a journey… hearts wide open

L&M have release their 3rd album ‘Enchanted’ – a live studio recording in 2017 and travel annually through out Europe, Asia and Australia three months of the year.  

Follow their  journey and join their global heart community through one of these platforms. 




Stillness In Motion



Special deal for the concert and workshop – BOOK BOTH for $85 and SAVE $15!

Chanting concert and workshop tickets are $25 and $75 if purchased seperately via pre-booking system

OR pay at the door $35 and $85 BOOK NOW!

Our hearts are wide open to these two amazing souls create such a powerful connection with everyone that experiences their music. Join us and take a journey of deep immersion into bliss!




Dr Truth Robinson (TCM) from Power Living Australia at PYC in June for 3 great workshops!

Truth Robinson has been living and breathing Yoga since he discovered it in 2001, always ensuring to live yoga off the mat as well as the practice on the mat. Growing up with a keen Buddhist meditator father, Truth was inspired to undertake his first of many 10-day silent mediation retreats. The stillness he discovered created a conscious shift in all aspects of his life which brought him to yoga a few months later. 

Truth’s passion is  Yin Yoga and under Power Living he has been running their 105hr teacher training programs and many workshops based upon his unique perspective of a practicing acupuncturist and a yin yoga teacher. Along with taking much inspiration from training with Jo Phee and Bernie Clark, Truth has built a solid following with his in-depth knowledge of Chinese Medicine which can only be learnt from practicing Chinese medicine. Truth is also a skilled body worker.

Read more about Truth here

PYC is excited to host Truth and his passion for Yin Yoga in June. Bookings now open – they will sell out, so please jump online and book today!

Book into Truth’s workshops here