Back by popular demand, this Sound Session is well timed with the acknowledgement of the Winter Solstice falling on the same day…

Join us for the Winter Solstice Sound Session on Sat 22nd June at 4pm at Belconnen Studio for a yin yoga class with Justine Janssen, complete with the sounds of tibetan and crystal bowls played by Andrew Growder to de-stress your body and mind!

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Yoga Beats is a special yoga class coming your way in July!
Join Andrew from Warrior Kind on Friday July 12th at 6pm in Belco, for his dynamically choreographed yoga sequence to pop classics and recent hits.

You can expect to be guided through a light-hearted flow centred around GOOD TIMES and GOOD MUSIC! The flow is strategically choreographed to peak into a fast paced dance/ yoga blend and will ground you back into a guided relaxation.

Yoga Beats is perfect for yogis looking for a fun night or a way to shake up their practice!
PYC members – $25, Others – $35, places limited…

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KirtanaRama Community Kirtan Event PYC Belconnen Fri 19 July, 2019

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What is Kirtan? In a nutshell, Kirtan is people coming together, sitting in a circle and singing ‘call and response style’ in Sanskrit: one of the world’s most ancient languages. The kirtanist leads the song while the other participants respond by repeating the words and the melody. To help with the Sanskrit, printed lyrics are displayed for easy reference. With its roots in Indian spiritualism, Kirtan was developed as a way to take spiritual practice out of the temples and make it accessible to the masses, through music and song. It’s a non-denominational spiritual practice with an expressive element; a way to sing from the heart and let it be heard, in a safe and supportive environment.

At KirtanaRama events, the role of the kirtanist is usually passed from one band member to the next – everyone gets to contribute equally. Unlike a lot of Western music where there’s a clear distinction between the performers and the audience, kirtan is completely interactive. All people present, including the kirtanists and the responders, are invited to contribute with their physical presence, their voice, and simple hand percussion instruments. Spontaneous dancing is also encouraged and supported. The uplifting and transformative nature of Kirtan, and its inclusive and engaging presentation, mean anyone can take part and benefit from the experience.

The band: KirtanaRama grew out of Canberra’s vibrant and diverse Community Kirtan scene. The members, who all met at regular local Kirtan gatherings, combine their talents in an initiative to introduce Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga to the wider Canberra community.

KirtanaRama consists of three core members: Indra, Sajhu and Gregory and welcomes various local kirtanists to accompany at their events. This time our sound will be greatly enhanced by Gini and Nitya on harmonium, vocals, bansuri flute and various other traditional instruments. KirtanaRama would love to take you on this mystical, musical journey. We thrive on helping people access their amazing potential with our multi-spectral musical offerings. 7 to 9pm, Fri 19 July at Power Yoga Canberra’s Belconnen Studio: 1 Oatley Court.

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