Join us for Sunday Sound Session at the Belconnen Studio on Sun March 10th at 4 – 5:30pm.

Enjoy a blissful 90 minute yin yoga practice, inclusive of meditation & mindfulness techniques to offer a deep state change physically and mentally. Justine Janssen will lead this soothing 90 minute class, allowing you to access a deeper connection to your ability to relax and let go.

Andrew Growder is our guest musician, working with his full collection of tibetan and crystal bowls, just to name a few of the instruments he uses to create sound. He has been working with these bowls for years in Canberra, assisting people who attend his events to experience realms of deep relaxation where healing becomes possible. It is said that the bowls create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.

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Embody Wellbeing presents Lulu & Mischka in Canberra at PYC’s Woden Studio on both Sat 27th & 28th April! We welcome these two beautiful souls back into the community for a Chanting Concert on Sat 27th at 7-9pm as well as a voice workshop called ‘Voice your Freedom’ for 3 hours on Sun 28th April 10am-1pm.

Lulu & Mischka are musicians and inner peace facilitators that draw upon the ancient earth wisdoms from east and west, guiding people together to unite in sound and silence. Their offerings see them travel the globe for chanting concerts, workshops, festivals and retreats as well as receiving inspirations and teachings. Based in the Byron Bay area, Australia, life’s calling leads L&M on their mission to support the awakening of humanity.

A deep immersion into the union of souls through music. Lulu & Mischka create a pure and joyful space for deep connection within. Ancient mantras from India meet heart opening english lyrics; medicine prayers from North and South America wash through every cell and activate the inner wisdom.

Lulu’s pure and crystal clear vocals awaken and inspire listeners to share their voice and join the prayer into the heart of all. Ecstatic, meditative, blissful.

Be taken on a journey… hearts wide open

L&M have release their 3rd album ‘Enchanted’ – a live studio recording in 2017 and travel annually through out Europe, Asia and Australia three months of the year.  

Follow their  journey and join their global heart community through one of these platforms. 



Stillness In Motion


Special deal for the concert and workshop – BOOK BOTH for $85 and SAVE $15!

Chanting concert and workshop tickets are $25 and $75 if purchased seperately via pre-booking system

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Our hearts are wide open to these two amazing souls create such a powerful connection with everyone that experiences their music. Join us and take a journey of deep immersion into bliss!

Back by popular demand! PYC has been running Rooftop Yoga for 3 years now – a unique way to practice yoga with nothing but sky above…

6 different PYC teachers will feature during the Rooftop Yoga classes, all of them bringing their own creativity for you to enjoy in the great outdoors. These classes will be every Sunday from January 20th until March 3rd at 8am for 60 mins.

Come and meet your community, enjoy a class in the fresh air, and stay and chill with us afterwards for a juice on the Rooftop! Spaces are limited, schedule open for bookings now:)

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Join Justine Janssen for a 3 night retreat in Bali in 2019! From Friday Feb 16-18th – Relax, Refresh, Renew retreat is geared toward you breaking old patterns of putting yourself last – and through the ancient healing modalities of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, yoga and meditation – transform your beliefs around change, wellness and your mindset towards receiving what you need to live a happy healthy life!

With Dr Alex Perry – CMD and Justine co-facilitating this experience you will be lead through 3 days of nourishing and nurturing yourself. Daily walks through the peaceful rice fields, massage, fuelled by fresh local fare to feed your body, you’ll also be receiving specific acupuncture sessions uniquely just for you, as well as yoga and meditation.

For more information – connect with Justine at the studio

Or enquire here:

The Perry Centre