‘A teacher effects eternity, he/she can never tell where their influence stops’ Henry Adams

Power Yoga Canberra offer teacher training for everyone! Aspiring and dedicated students, as well as new and experienced teachers have sought out our teacher training in order to grow and learn. Our integrative approach of ‘on the mat’ practical learning, combined with theory both modern day and ancient provides a deeper understanding of yoga. Whether you plan to become a yoga teacher and run your own business assisting the wellbeing of others, or would just like to transform your own practice – our teacher trainings are for you!

Why train with Power Yoga Canberra?

Our teacher training courses and curriculum are designed and facilitated by Justine Janssen, who has been teaching yoga in Canberra since 2007, and training others since 2015. The ongoing evolution of our teacher trainings are integral to our commitment to ensure that the teachers that train through us are knowledgeable, inspiring, and authentic.

Our team consists of experts who combine their knowledge to provide a thoughtful and fun learning experience. We cover everything from anatomy and physiology, to ancient yogic philosophy and sanskrit language. Our team gives you the tools to take your yoga anywhere you want to!

Our courses are registered internationally with Yoga Alliance, who upon completion will recognise your qualification and offer their support through membership with them – yogaalliance.com.au

What courses do we offer?

Power Yoga Teacher Training – 200 hours

Yinbody – Yin Yoga Teacher Training – 85 hours

Take the first step towards becoming a knowledgable, powerful teacher by committing to our 200 hour Power Yoga course. This course is run in Canberra over four long weekends, as well as an online learning component, and includes an immersive style retreat over 5 days.

Yinbody is our 85 hour continuing education course, aimed at yoga teachers who already hold a 200 hour certificate, but also inclusive of experienced yoga students by application.

Power Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours – You will learn:

Anatomy and Physiology

  • The systems of the body – Respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, digestive, endocrine and nervous systems
  • Fundamentals of Flexibility
  • The Skeletal Body
  • Physiology of Movement
  • Understanding Movement Patterns
  • Fitness principles
  • Exercise physiology

Yoga Asana

  • Teaching yoga asana safely and confidently
  • Alignment and technique
  • Modifications and contraindications
  • Cueing and instruction skills
  • Teaching Methodology – the process of learning (beginners and experienced)
  • Hands on assisting to assist students safety and practice
  • Principles of Demonstration
  • Setting up your yoga class
  • Learn a key Power Yoga sequence, understand how to sequence within a class

Yogic Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

  • Understand the Namaste principle
  • History of yoga
  • Yogic physiology (chakras, nadis, koshas, and energy systems)
  • Discourse on important yogic texts  – The Bhagavad Gita and Patangali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Yogis in business

Practice and Training

  • Yoga asana ‘workshop style’ learning of all yoga asana within the Power Yoga sequence
  • Practice and understand Pranayama – simple and effective breathing techniques
  • Practice and understand Meditation – various methods to quiet the mind and bring calm
  • Chanting Mantra – a practice session to help understand the benefits of mantra for the mind
  • Teaching styles using the Elements
  • Finding your voice – your authenticity and power lie in being able to speak from your unique voice

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Yinbody 85 hours – You will learn:

Anatomy of Yin Yoga

  • Understanding anatomical anatomy relevant to Yin Yoga
  • Defining connective tissue, fascia, muscle and ligament
  • Skeletal body variations
  • Learning the science behind flexibility
  • Benefits of passive stretching

Philosophy and Physiology of Yin Yoga

  • Definition of Yin and Yang
  • Chinese Medicine Theory’s philosophy on Yin energy
  • Understanding Yin and Yang in a modern lifestyle

Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Mindfulness techniques and practice
  • Techniques to teach Buddhist traditions of meditation (samantha, vipassana)

Yin Yoga Asana, Practice and Myofascial Techniques

  • Understanding the 3 tenets of Yin Yoga practice and how to teach them
  • Yin yoga asana – safely and effectively teach yin yoga asana
  • A deeper understanding on the effects of Yin yoga asana on the physical and energetic body
  • How to sequence a Yin yoga practice – understanding the art of sequencing
  • Practical teaching tools to assist in your understanding of how to teach yin asana
  • Myofascial release techniques using apparatus

Meridians, Chi and Organs

  • Gain an understanding on energy systems of the body according to Chinese Medicine Theory
  • Practice chi enhancement techniques through movement and pranayama
  • Understand Yin and Yang organs and how to benefit their health and vitality through Yin yoga

Modifications and Contraindications

  • Learn alternative asana in view of students injuries, illnesses and limitations
  • Understand the effects of contraindications on the physical body
  • The use of props to allow for pose variations

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