Mindful Month – Join our new community of meditators – start a mindfulness program for your everyday!


AIM: To introduce current community as well as new participants to mindfulness. Through this introduction over the period of a month, we aspire to get people started on their own home practice, with inspiring daily practices accessible online, as well as one weekly session over 4 weeks at PYC’s Belconnen Studio. First 10 people to sign up receive a meditation cushion!

SCHEDULE: Starting on Sunday Nov 4th at 2pm – attend an intro session for 90 minutes at the Belconnen studio. Bring your meditation cushion and meet in the practice room for an info session that educates on Mindful Month’s structure (explanation and information on the program) as well as WHY, WHAT and HOW about mindfulness, its benefits, group discussion, and join in for a guided mindfulness practice!

WEEK 1-4: Each Monday morning you’ll receive an email that includes a link to a password protected webpage with 2 weekly audio practices! 1 x  short practice – ‘Daily Body scan’ and 1 x long practice ‘Mindful Meditation’

Attend weekly afternoon session on Sunday 2pm for 45 minutes.

SUPPORT FOR YOUR MINDFULNESS MONTH: Include daily Facebook group posts, as well as a short daily text to invite a ‘mindful moment’. This could be anything from a ‘smell the roses’ moment OR a reminder to take a deep breath and ground yourself, OR ‘take a break from your screen’ invitation, OR practice a ‘mini meditation’ a short one minute practice which we will make available to you.

Members – $120

Others – $160