I purchased the $49 for 30 day offer online

When you purchase any of our offers on line your receipt will indicate that the pass has already started. This is not the case and the offer you have purchased will commence from the date of your next visit.

Why heat?

Power Yoga classes are heated to approximately 30 degrees. Be prepared to sweat! Sweating will help to flush toxins from your body and is a natural way for the muscles to stretch and provide more flexibility. It can take time to get used to the heat, for your first few classes take breaks when you need. Come to class well hydrated and bring water with you.

What do I need to bring?

Bring a mat (If you have one, if you don’t you can hire one for $1) Bring a towel and a bottle of water. Wear light stretchy athletic clothing that can absorb your sweat. Men: shorts and a T Shirt (optional). Yoga clothing is perfect, tank tops and form fitting t-shirts, stretchy shorts and bottoms are perfect for men and women. Skip the perfume and cologne and any strong smelling lotions.

Can a beginner go into classes?

All classes are suitable for beginners, our classes are structured to allow everyone to get what they need from them. Teachers will offer modifications.


If you have an injury or condition then please ensure that you make the teacher aware before the class commences.

Do I have to pay per term?

Power Yoga Canberra runs as a studio. We have no term structure. We have many different packages available, so you can choose something that suits your life style. You can purchase packages that will allow you to practice as often as you like or you can drop in and pay to do a casual class when ever you like. Any class passes or memberships are valid at both studios.

Is it Suitable for children?

Children 12 and over practice often at our studios.

Showers, parking etc….

Power Yoga Canberra is situated at 1 Oatley Court Belconnen and 45 East Row (Sydney Bld) Canberra city and 21 Altree Court Woden. We have lots of parking available right at the front door in Belconnen and Woden. The City studio has parking on London Circuit. The studios have change rooms, showers and toilets. We even have a chill out zones where you can just kick back and relax before or after a class.

Do I have to book?

First class?, no need to book, just turn up about 15mins before your chosen class so you can meet the teacher and fill out a Health Check form. OR……. if you want to, you can…. Just go to our Online Schedule, create a new account and follow the instructions to book in. Once you have beeen coming for a while you will notice your transition into class will be easier if you book online, doing so will also send you reminders about the classes you have booked.

Do you sell …..?

Do we sell mats, blocks, straps, DVD’s, CD’s, mat bags, …….. Yes….If we don’t have what your after in stock we can get it for you or tell you where you can get it. We are one of Canberra’s only stockists of Jade Mats – the superior natural rubber mat made specifically for hot yoga.

If I register online do I still need to check in at the front desk on arrival?

Yes. If you register online stop by the front desk and give us your name so we can make sure you are checked in to that class.