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Samantha Johnson

"Yoga is for everybody, and EVERY BODY"

Yoga first entered my life in 2011; after a car accident injured my lower back, I was no longer able to do my regular gym activities. I attended a class at a local hot yoga studio and have been hooked ever since. The physical benefits were just the beginning. As someone who lives with depression and anxiety, I love the mental aspects that yoga brings me. Working with all eight limbs of yoga, I am able to challenge myself and know that I will forever be a student. The vast knowledge of the ancient teachings is something I believe no one person can ever fully master.

My goal is to “demystify” yoga and spread the message that yoga is for everybody and every body. Anyone can practice, and everyone can benefit.

Come join me on the mat for some fun, challenges, and chocolate -just kidding, there is no chocolate, but there is savasana.