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Kate Rafferty

“I believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of yoga and feel privileged to share my experiences with the PYC community.”

Initially, I was drawn to yoga for the physical benefits. Like a lot of people, I wanted to become strong and flexible. After developing a regular practice, I noticed a wonderful shift in my thought patterns. I discovered that I enjoyed the mental benefits of yoga as much as the physical. Each class offered me the opportunity to strengthen and stretch my body, while providing a much needed vacation from my monkey mind.

In 2015 I undertook teacher training with Yoga Trinity, purely to deepen my own practice. Along the way I unveiled a strong desire to share this knowledge through teaching, while continuing on my own path of self-discovery. I hope to inspire my students to challenge themselves physically and mentally, both on and off the mat.

For me, the benefits of yoga are unparalleled. Yoga has so many layers: philosophy, anatomy, personal reflection and self-study, alignment, human connection, focus, lots of challenges and ultimately surrender. It is this diversity and depth of learning that makes me an eternal student; yoga nourishes my body and mind. For me, yoga provides guidance and a safe place when life begins to overwhelm. It cultivates stability, strength and flexibility in a world where finding balance is becoming increasingly difficult.