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Emily Horvath

"I believe yoga is much more than the physical poses"

I discovered yoga 5 years ago right here at PYC. My first ever class I displayed a remarkable lack of coordination and somehow ripped a giant hole in my pants. But despite those initial hurdles, I fell in love with practicing yoga and haven’t looked back since.

Yoga has taught me the value of connection through becoming more present and experiencing what is right in front of me. I’m learning how to better connect and understand myself, to connect to nature and its rhythms of change, as well as connect with a loving community of like-minded people. I enjoy experiencing all different styles and branches of yoga, but so far I love the creativity, freedom and rhythm of Vinyasa Flow to both practice and teach. I’m always thirsty for inspiration and draw a lot of creativity from the ocean and surfing – my happy place!

I believe yoga is much more than the physical poses. I like to encompass elements of mind, body and spirit in my practice and fuse Eastern philosophy and Western science to share a safe and meaningful practice with my students.