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Andrew Anthony

"My intent is to help you remember"

I stumbled across yoga as a teenager because I wanted to lose weight. From there I dipped and dabbled in yoga sporadically until in 2014, whilst living in the UK, a new friend introduced me into the world of yoga beyond what I thought it could ever offer. Since then yoga has tested me, grounded me, built me up and asked me to surrender to my true calling. As a teacher I constantly learn more each day about our bodies and minds and frequently update my classes to incorporate these teachings.
I know that I have been put here in this place at this time to allow others to grow into themselves through their practice. Together, let’s get you into your own body, to feel how it feels to be connected to your breath, to learn how to be at peace with your mind, and to feel strong, curious and empowered.

I fundamentally believe that we are all our own inner warrior. My intent is to help you to remember.